Seeking Perfect Balance

We're an ask blog for Vanitas and Naminé from Kingdom Hearts. Yes, they are together.

Go ahead--ask us whatever you want! We're a canon-ish blog (meaning we're not some high school blog but instead we have Keyblades and Nobodies and whatnot), but we're not afraid of stepping out of our boundaries and posting roleplays or asks involving supernatural creatures (as an example).

The mods are Raye and Rachel. There are links to our personals under the navigation bar. If you feel like it, take a look!

You'll find that a lot of our rps (and some of the drabbles) are from a Kingdom Hearts roleplay group on tumblr. Don't be alarmed! We are from that group. Many of our headcanons were developed from being in that group.

Enjoy your stay!
Anonymous sent: How many asks do you get a day?

Well… we get asks more like one once every three days. .___.

We’re not a very popular ship so it’s fine! image